Trying to figure out what you’ll need when you find yourself ready to have your baby can be hard. Especially when you have never packed a bag like this before. In this blog post I will break it down into three essential categories: Mommy Bag, Daddy/Partner Bag and Baby Bag. Each of these categories have different essential needs for this important day! Let’s get into these bags!

Mommy Bag

    In this bag you will want to bring things that will keep you happy and comfortable, this is going to be the most uncomfortable time in your life.

  1. Pillow – If you have ever been hospitalized for any amount of time, you will already understand why a pillow from home is essential. Hospital pillows are so thin and crunchy sounding, it becomes the number one complaint from anyone about their stay. Remember, it is a hospital and not a hotel – so bring your comforts with you.
  2. Phone & Charger – Don’t forget these two essential items. Not only does this keep your support network informed, but your phone provides you with a camera and entertainment while you wait for your baby. (One more important thing to remember – The longer the charging cord, the better.)
  3. Toiletries – When I was packing my toiletries, I noticed quickly that I was running out of room in my bag quickly. Luckily I found the perfect solution on for under $20! I found a travel kit that had everything I needed all in a compact pouch. (If you are interested in purchasing something like this, I will have links at the end.)
  4. Meds – Of course grab your prescriptions, but you will also want to pack a few  other essential OTC meds, unless you want to pay hospital prices! I packed 3 OTC meds along with my prescriptions: Stool softener, Medicated Cream/Wipes and Tylenol.
  5. Snacks –  Hospitals will not supply you with food until after labor because it is common for women to throw up during delivery. Well I find this to be not a good enough reason to not be comfortable, remember you’ll be at it for at least 24 to 48 hours if this is your first.
  6. Robe – If you don’t mind wearing a hospital gown for your stay, this may not be essential to you, but a robe could play few roles in the birthing game. 1. A comfy robe after you get out of your shower could help you relax more. 2. A cute robe and a matching baby outfit can make for very cute pictures, even though you will not be feeling very cute.
  7. Non-slip Socks – Most hospitals will provide you with these, but if you have a favorite pair from home, I would bring them along! Hospital socks are thin and usually “one size fits all.”
  8. Loose Dress – My mom bought me a few of these and I can definitely see the benefits. 1. You’ll want nothing tight on after you give birth. 2. A loose dress or top is “easy access” for feeding 3. A loose dress is easier than messing around with pants in the bathroom. 4. You’ll be a bloody mess after birth, yes the large pads will minimize this, but a dress can help also minimize your insecurities of a  messy bottom.
  9. Nursing Bra – I bought a 5 pack of these on for $25. I’m not sure if I will be successful in lactating or even the “latch”, but I wanted to be  prepared. Even if I am unsuccessful with the nursing process, it is only $25.
  10. Postpartum Underwear – The hospital will give you these large mesh underwear, but again I don’t want to pay hospital prices. Another reason I bought these instead of relying on hospital underwear was because I’ll need them at home anyway… You’ll bleed and feel uncomfortable after birth for a few weeks after you get discharged  from the hospital.
  11. Going Home Outfit – This doesn’t need to be anything other than a comfy pair of sweats, but you’ll want to wear something other than what you’ve been wearing for the past few days.

Daddy/Partner Bag

     Although daddy/partner is not getting the brunt end of the deal here, he/she needs essentials in order to stay your support person. Supply them with a few comforts and they will return the favor.

  1. Phone & Charger -Just like Mommy’s Bag, this essential item provides communication, entertainment and a way to capture special moments. Again, don’t forget a long charging cord!
  2. Pillow – Poor daddy! He doesn’t get the luxurious bed that mommy gets, but he’ll be provided at least a chair. Give him his pillow from home and he’ll complain less.
  3. Blanket – Hospitals are not hotels, so make sure he has a blanket or throw – especially if he doesn’t like to sleep in cold environments.
  4. Snacks – Daddy’s/Partners will often forget about taking care of themselves because they are focused more on you and their new bundle. Make sure they eat or they may be more prone to faint during that pivotal crowning moment. Even if that doesn’t happen, you need them to not be as cranky as your new bundle.
  5. Tablet/Laptop – This essential provides you and your partner with some much needed entertainment to pass some time. He or she can also work remotely if their job allows it. (Again, don’t forget necessary cords!)
  6. Going Home Outfit – We were gifted a cute outfit for baby and matching Daddy shirt, so I packed this in his bag. I think he’ll get a kick out of it and I think I might get him all teary eyed on camera for once!

Baby Bag

     The hospital will provide your new baby with diapers, butt creams, wipes, swaddles and onesies. Although I don’t like paying hospital prices, unfortunately there is no getting around these provided items. on the plus side, you’ll only need  to bring very few items for baby. One suggestion however, bring a large bag to put all the extra diapers and stuff the hospital provides – you are paying for all this stuff anyway!

  1. Car Seat – You can’t go home without one! We chose to buy a travel system that includes the car seat and stroller. We did this so we can minimize the movement/transfer of sleeping baby.
  2. Going Home Outfit – This was so hard to choose! Soo many outfits to pick from, but I packed a few just incase. Purchase links

  1. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
  2. 10 foot Charging Cord
    1. iPhone
    2. Android
  3. Toiletry Kits
    1. Women’s
    2. Men’s
  4. Snacks
  5. Robe
  6. Non-Slip Socks
  7. Loose Dress
  8. Nursing Bras
  9. Postpartum Underwear
  10. Packable Down Blanket
  11. Travel System
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