August 25, 2021 at 11:11am the doctors announced, “Look at all that hair!” Little did I know that her hair would be an extra daily chore on top of diapers, feeding and entertaining. Her hair wasn’t a problem until I noticed that the back of her head was getting matted from lying on it all the time. I started to panic… I didn’t want people to think I didn’t wash her or care for her! So I decided to cut out the matted portions (which really killed me inside – it was basically her first haircut…) I had to do this a couple of times before I discovered the power of detangling hair products. It was a whole new world for this mama whom has had bone straight hair her whole life. However, Elizabeth’s daddy has big curly locks – but hides them under a baseball cap 100% of the time. Who knew baby hair was such a continuous circus show – God forbid you have a baby with hair!

     As a newborn, Elizabeth had luxurious, dark brown and curly locks. Everyone was in absolute shock that a premature baby could have such hair. There was always a hint that she would have hair though. Throughout my entire pregnancy I had the WORST heartburn – it would wake me up in the middle of the night and keep me awake. However, this was all just based on an old wives tale. Anyhow, her hair was so soft that all I had to do to ‘unwild’ or tame her hair was to take my hand and push it down. I did this for a few months until one day I want to smooth out her her and I felt my fingers catch on dry, matted clumps of hair. So I started freaking out of course. Elizabeth had about 4 to 5 hair brushes, but all were too soft to untangle the mess on the back of her head. So I reluctantly came to the decision to chop out the matted portions of her hair. What else was I supposed to do?

     I called my mom and then my doula, they both suggested hair care products. I bought argon oil and detangler spray, but it did nothing for her hair. At least not until I used my own hair brush with large, stiff bristles. So picture this every morning: I’m standing in front of the mirror holding a small baby in one hand (who can’t keep her own head up) and I’m spraying detangler with my other hand. I have my two knees clutching the hairbrush and I go to grab it and the baby decides to move her head. So now I’m trying to wrangle her hair along with her floppy head and at the same time trying not to spray her in the face or poke her eye out with the brush. It is an absolute comedy in hindsight, but I eventually got better at it. She eventually started to keep her head up and I bought her a sit-up chair and I called it the ‘Quickie Salon”. Her hair doesn’t stay in place for long so we have to visit the salon often.

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