Dear Google Glass,

     In 2015 you gave me hope to broaden my field of vision, but then you quickly discontinued the project and went essentially offline. What caught my attention about this product was that it had a small inconspicuous camera in the front and a display window on the inside of the right lens. They looked funny, but I was ok with the style as the alternative was neither attractive nor functional. However, as wonderful of an idea this was – it was only marketed for people with proper eyesight in the right eye. For most people this is not an issue, but for people whom only have function in their left eye – it kind of makes us ponder. Why would they come out with such an innovative product – that could change so many lives – and not think of us? Are they half brain-dead or do they just don’t care about us? I won’t answer this one because my feelings are somewhere in the middle. Geesh though, you would think an internet giant like Google could rub a few brain cells together and take a quick search of trending topics on their own product. I mean there are several public forums and groups practically begging to drop of $3k a pop on a pair of left-eye Google Glass glasses! I don’t know about $3k, but I do know that I love the noise from the hopeful left-eye cyborgs. On another note, I am very surprised that another company like Canon, Panasonic or even Polaroid have not beat you to it! We all (left-eye people) must not fall into your topics in the round table meetings or focus groups. I can’t remember the product, but I did buy a very unatractive, geeky looking and very expensive ($2500) pair of glasses that did cater to us left-eye folks – and sadly I returned them. They had way too many features on them and I couldn’t handle it. I remember one of the most unusual features was, Alexa. You could literally buy toilet paper off of your glasses. Now, if I had these in 2020… well you know. Anyhow, enough of my rant and I hope this blog gets to the right people – we need left-eye innovation products! It’s 2023, us blind people should be driving cars by now!

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